It's Time

With the existential threat of climate change comes the tremendous opportunity to reshape our economy and unleash a new era of wealth creation. The electricity and transportation sectors are an interconnected and significant part of this opportunity representing 57% of our carbon emissions - modernizing our electric grid is the lynchpin of transforming these sectors. We must rebuild our grid with infrastructure that is not only clean to eliminate carbon emissions but resilient to withstand the impacts of climate change and do so in a cost-effective way.


To do this, we must channel all of our energies into a national project - one that unifies people from every walk of life and taps into the American creative spirit for innovative solutions that include solar, storage, energy efficiency, microgrids, electric vehicles, smart grid technologies and more.

America has a unique opportunity - and a dire need - to build the world's most advanced grid and accelerate the integration of clean energy in power generation. With this opportunity comes substantial economic growth, the creation of thousands of jobs, the generation of substantial tax revenues for government, and lower utility bills for consumers and businesses - all delivered via a cleaner, resilient, reliable energy system.

Greentel was created by a diverse group of thinkers from all walks of life, backgrounds, countries, cultures and political beliefs. When it comes to the urgent needs of a nation, we think a plethora of differences shouldn't be a barrier, but rather a rich repository of ideas and knowledge aimed at improving the lives of Americans everywhere and protecting that which we've all worked hard to build. Greentel is here to build the foundations of the 21st Century grid through a holistic approach where the economics and physics work for everyone.


Greentel's mission is to spearhead the transition to a 21st Century Grid, fostering an open, innovative ecosystem that empowers energy entrepreneurs to modernize our grid quickly, cost-efficiently and safely.. We work with clean energy companies, utilities and policymakers to develop a win-win regulatory strategy and create new markets that encourage everyone to work together in the transition to a decarbonized, resilient and reliable grid.


Tackling the complexities of the highly regulated energy sector requires an entirely new way of thinking. We provide a holistic combination of solutions to concurrently address policy, business models and technology.


Innovative technologies won't reach their full potential without innovative policy solutions to create new markets. We develop custom policies for each state, build coalitions and work with policymakers to make them a reality.


The energy sector is rapidly changing everyday. We work with clean energy companies, utilities and policymakers to effectively navigate the new paradigm and capitalize on opportunities to be key driver of a vibrant, innovative ecosystem.


Fostering this innovative ecosystem will require a digital transformation of our grid. We’re working on building the platform to make this all happen. Stay tuned for updates!